Uncovering the social fabric of national park management

Hi again! By now, you're probably wondering when the exciting stuff will happen. When will Sophia do research instead of just talking and writing about what she might do?


National Parks in Focus

How are the relationships between people and ecosystems shifting with climate change? How can we respond to these shifts in ways that improve these relationships? Over the last several months, the questions that come back to me again and again can be summed up by these two questions. And I think I’ve found a study... Continue Reading →

Born of fire and ice

Devils Postpile National Monument officially opened its gates for the season! The valley came alive as visitors flocked from all over globe to see one of the world's finest examples of columnar basalt...

Lucky this is my backyard

The breathtaking sights in and around the Sierra Nevada deserve a spotlight. I've been exploring the landscape with my housemates--interns with the National Park Service and Forest Service--on my days off. Here are some snapshots...

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